Multi channel FM 868MHz band Class 1 Social Alarm Receiver

Frequency:868 - 869MHz

The SAR3 is a miniature PCB mounting UHF radio data receiver. It is a narrowband 25KHz spacing receiver incorporating a received signal strength indicator (RSSI) and 4 channel capability. It allows the simple implementation of data links at speeds up to 8kbps.


  • Designed to comply with harmonised radio standard EN 300 220-3
  • Designed to comply with harmonised EMC standard EN 301 489-3
  • Class 1 performance (as per EN 300-220 V2.3.1)
  • Data rates up to 8kbps
  • 4 pre programmed 869MHz band social alarm frequencies as standard
  • Versions available on any frequency from 868 to 869MHz
  • Fully screened
  • 4 channel selectable


Technical Summary

  • Double conversion FM superhet
  • SAW front end filter gives >65dB image rejection
  • Operation from 4V to 16V @ 46mA typical
  • Built-in regulator for improved stability and supply noise rejection
  • -115dBm sensitivity @ 1ppm BER
  • RSSI output with 65dB range


  • Social alarms
  • Automatic meter reading (AMR)
  • Car and building security
  • EPOS and inventory tracking
  • Remote industrial process monitoring