Narrow Band FM Multi-channel UHF Transceiver

  • 25kHz channel narrowband transceiver

  • Operating on the European 868MHz band Non-Specific SRD allocation.

  • Offers a low power, reliable data link in an industry-standard pin out and footprint.

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Narrow band FM Multi-channel 500mW VHF Transceiver

  • compact size
  • dual frequency capability allows UHX1's transmitter section to be operated on one frequency while receiver frequency on another
  • multi-channel VHF transceiver
  • with up to 500mW RF power output.


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NBFM Multi-channel UHF Transceiver with Programmable RF power

USX2 is small multi-channel half duplex UHF transceiver available for operation on 315MHz, 433MHz and 458MHz bands with the user programmable RF power output of up to 100mW

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