Mesh Networked Alarm Control System


These simple application boards constitute a bidirectional Mesh networked remote control system. Each board has 1-input, 1-output, a 4-bit global address and a 4-bit Unit ID (hence "M1144").  A complete system consists of a master board (which initiates communication burst cycles) and up to 15 slave units. Any input activation on any slave (or the master) closes the relays on all units on the system. This makes the M1144 an ideal platform for an alarm system.


  • 4-bit Global address, 4-bit Slave Unit ID selectable via 8-way DIP switch
  • 1 Master, 15 Slave Units per site
  • Unlimited number of drone receiver/decoders
  • Usable with any BiM footprint radios (up to 100mW) with a switching & settling time of <10ms
  • 5VDC 44mA or 12VDC 18mA relay to control devices rated up to 8A 250VAC or 5A 30VDC
  • Alarm response time <1s to 16s (worst case for whole network)
  • Frame synchronisation codes, check sums and address are used to prevent false triggering
  • 3.6kbps bi-phase data packet encodes the alarm status and presence of each slave unit on the network
  • 1.65% (132ms in 8s) Transmit Duty Cycle per slave unit
  • 8.8% (704ms in 8s) Maximum Radio Channel Occupancy per system
  • Visual LED indication of communication status and relay state
  • 4-times greater operating radius compared to a point-to-point system, using the same radio module
  • Logic or Switch input for momentary control of relay
  • 3.5mA average current (e.g. 34 weeks operating life from 6xD cells)
  • Simple “plug-and-play” setup. No complex programming needed


  • Security and Alarm systems
  • Emergency assistance call system
  • Status reporting and monitoring systems
  • RF Remote control systems