CTA88 Multichannel RF Remote Control Application Boards


Leading wireless solutions manufacturer Radiometrix has just introduced the CTA88 remote control chip application board offering. These boards provide simple 8-channel digital input/output implementations of remote control functions, using either the company’s multichannel LMT/ LMR (UHF and VHF band) or single frequency BiM (FM band) series of wireless radio modules (which are ordered separately).


CTA88 photos

The offering consists of two CTA88-000-DIL chips, a CTA88 encoder board, a CTA88 decoder board, ¼ wavelength monopole or helical antennas, 4 jumpers for mode configuration, DIP switches for address and frequency channel configuration, 8 opto-isolated digital inputs, and 8 relay outputs. 

The CTA88 chip at the heart of each board is an 8 bit address encoder/decoder for use with licence-exempt ISM/SRD  band radio modules. It permits the setting up of a straightforward one-way wireless link for remote control applications. This requires the minimum of engineering effort and takes little time to establish. Furthermore it does not call for the inclusion of any customer software input.

The transmitter and receiver application boards are designed to allow easy evaluation of the CTA88 device’s performance and functionality in elementary jobs. The boards have compact 115 x 86 x 20mm dimensions, and their operating temperature range goes from -20 ⁰C to +70⁰C.


CTA88 Remote Control Applications Boards