2 Watt Multi-channel VHF Transceiver

Frequency:Standard: 144.000 - 144.775MHz

The QPX1 transceiver module offers a 2 watt RF output VHF radio link, in a robust aluminium extruded casing. This unit is ideally suited to applications where existing lower powered transceivers provide insufficient range. The QPX1 is a multi-channel, narrowband design, suitable for licensed and unlicensed VHF allocations, FCC part 90 operation, and the 2M amateur band.


  • Conforms to ETSI EN 300 220-3 and EN 301 489-3
  • High performance double superhet PLL synthesizer
  • Data rates up to 5 kbps for standard module
  • Usable range over 10km
  • Feature-rich interface (RSSI, CD, analogue and digital baseband)
  • Incorporate a 1200baud dumb modem
  • Re-programmable via RS232 interface


  • Amateur radio
  • MURS units
  • Industrial telemetry and telecommand
  • High-end security systems
  • APRS systems
  • Vehicle data up/download
  • ROV/machinery controls