UHF Narrow Band FM sub-miniature transmitter

Frequency:425 -470MHz

The MTX2 transmitter module adds a totally new sub-miniature form factor to the existing range of Radiometrix ISM band devices. Using cutting edge integrated RF devices, it offers multi channel, low power narrowband operation in a previously unobtainable size. It is ideally suited to applications where existing wideband modules have insufficient range and where traditional narrowband modules would physically be too big to fit in.


  • Conforms to EN 300 220-2 and EN 301 489-3
  • High performance Fractional N (Sigma-Delta) Synthesizer with TCXO
  • Vibration resistant (negligible microphony)
  • Data rates up to 10 kbps for standard module
  • Usable range over 500m (with suitable aerials and matching receiver)
  • Fully screened. Very low profile
  • Feature-rich interface (analogue and digital baseband)
  • Re-programmable via RS232 interface
  • Low power requirements


  • Keyfobs and other hand held terminals
  • Small form factor data loggers
  • Industrial telemetry and telecommand
  • In-building environmental monitoring and control
  • Covert, high-end security devices
  • Unobtrusive fire alarm sensors
  • Heavy vehicle/machinery controls

Technical Summary

  • Operating frequency: 433.875-434.650MHz (EU band)
    458.525 - 459.1MHz (UK band)
  • Other custom UHF bands
  • 850-950MHz version (MTX3) also available
  • 4 parallel channels  (also fully controllable via serial port)
  • Transmit power: +10dBm (10mW)
  • Supply range: 3.1 – 15V  (will operate down to 2.9V)
  • Current consumption: 20mA @ 10mW
  • Data bit rate: 10kbps max. (standard module)
  • Serial configuration by inverted RS232 at 3V CMOS level
  • Size: 23 x 12.5 x 7 mm